Kitchens & Bathrooms #1

Nothing adds more value to your home than upgrading the kitchen and bathrooms.  Only have 1 bathroom and need 2?  Need to spiff up the kitchen with a backsplash, a new countertop or entire renovation?  This is the number #1 place you get a great return on every dollar invested.

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Open Walls, More Space #2

Open floor plans are everywhere.  We want "community" and togetherness.  Older homes separated all the rooms off from each other with a doorway.  But now people wants walls opened up between kitchens and living rooms and dining rooms.

Sunrooms, additions and covered/screened decks make homes seem much larger for less than trying to buy a bigger house.  The demand for more space means added Closets and Storage are not far behind.

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Driveways, Patios #3

People need to put their cars, trucks, boats, riding mowers and Garage/Sheds somewhere other than the mud.  Or, they may need a retaining wall to keep their house or yard safe.  Concrete lasts longer than any other surface.  Whether you need new, a partial pour repair or a sealing of your driveway, sidewalk or patio, we can get it done at a reasonable price.  We use rebar and steel reinforcement along with special formulas to make sure concrete is strong enough for your vehicles and applications.  We do aggregates, too.

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Improve your Home and Your Life

Whether you're selling your home or making your current home better, the number one place you probably find the most equity, relaxation and "life" is in your home.  It's a good place to invest for future value and present enjoyment.

Your environment should be a reflection of your attitude and style.  Call us if you need a little nudge or the assurance your design, color or product choices will look fantastic. We do more than improve, we collaborate.  Let us help bring your vision into reality.

We'll look at the smaller jobs, too.  Details matter.  Many home owners find one improvement can make such a big difference a few other improvements can really transform their living space or home exterior.  Something as simple as a good coat of paint can do wonders.

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