How long has the company been in business?
KnownByDesign has been around since 2012 but the founder has been in home improvement and design services for 20 years.

Why should I hire your company?
Consideration of multiple factors in any renovation and advising the customer of these factors so they can choose the best options for their unique preferences and goals.

What is a PunchList?
A list of several minor repairs or installs needed - usually to prepare a house for sale or address deferred maintenance all at one time.

Do your employees do all the work?
In many cases, we will work on the design and formulate the best plan for the customer but may bring in qualified and insured subcontractors to follow our project management lead.


What’s your payment policy?

We can make arrangements for payment by credit, debit or cash. Size and series of payments depends on the size of the job to be done. Small jobs may require 1/2 payment to begin and 1/2 at completion when materials are involved.  Large jobs may be broken into smaller jobs called phases.  A payment schedule will be formulated based on material and labor costs anticipated.  We do not want the customer to pay too far ahead as this is a practice associated with scammers - that is, they ask for a large payment up front and then leave town.  Be wary of any contractor with this behavior.

Do you work overseas?

Not yet but we're open to discussing your project.  In most cases, you may do better using a local contractor familiar with local material sources and labor.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions via email and by phone. Please leave a message if no one answers so they may return your call.