Our Approach

A collaborative approach is the most comfortable way to have confidence that you'll be getting something you want and it will be done professionally with an eye toward function and design for you.

Our Story

The founder, Forrest White, found on many occasions, he was called in to correct the work of previous contractors who either failed to do the work correctly or failed to find out and understand the needs and expectations of the homeowner.  The homeowners often paid twice or more to finally arrive at something they really liked and appreciated -- and that was done in a manner that would last for the long term.

This inspired the idea that home improvement should be more about finding out what the homeowner really needs, making suggestions, getting feedback and formulating a solution that greatly improves customer satisfaction.  Doing quality work was always a given.

Meet the Team

Collaborating, Designing and Executing your Dreams,
One Home at a Time.


Forrest White

Founder & CEO

Combining home improvement, consulting and design led to KnownByDesign getting launched to make happier home and property owners in Nashville, TN and surrounding areas.


Eric Teagan

Vice President


Timothy Barrett


Next Steps...

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