Kitchens & Baths #1

Kitchens and Bathrooms are the most visible and popular parts of the hosue to renovate, whether a small project or the entire room.

Open Walls & Additions #2

Do you like your floor plan?  If not, change it!  If you're in the kitchen and you'd like to hear what's going on in the next room, knock a wall down or open it up with a nice bartop/buffet insert.  It's going to last for many years so it may be a very worthwhile investment.

Driveways & Patios #3

Concrete patios, additions, steps, driveway replacement or repair can add a lot of convenience, safety and curb appeal to any home.


We Can Save you Money...

Saving money is part of the equation but getting something you really like and has function is the real payoff - especially when it happens on the first remodel.  Nobody wants a job half done or done poorly.  Worse yet, is having to bring in a 2nd contractor to fix what the first one did.  That's what's really expensive.

When we collaborate, You get a better result.

Collaboration, selection and execution.  Essential ingredients in your exciting new home remodels.  A good design is like getting a new home in your existing location.


Next Steps...

Send us an email or call us describing:

What you'd like to do, when you'd like to complete it, and how we can best communicate with you (phone, email, day/night).